• Change user account Password using powershell

    I am working on a script to change the password of the local Qualys user account using PowerShell and Qualys API. I am able to use a session-based login and logout as well. But API to change the password is not w...
    Vijayaragavan Subbaraj
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  • Integration Sophos and Qualys

    Good afternoon, Is  there integration between the manufacturer SOPHOS and Qualys? Thanks.
    Ricardo S
    created by Ricardo S
  • Compliance Restricted Scanning by Policy

    After running a restricted scan for only specific policy, all the existing reports for other policies returned empty values. Even the Policy Summary drop down didn't listed all the Policies.   Unix hosts were sc...
    Rizwan Bedekar
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  • Asset Group and Adding Bulk of IP address and IP ranges

    Hi All,   Need your help and suggestion for creating bulk of asset group with IP address and IP ranges in Qualys platform using python script. Thanks in Advance!!! 
    Saviour Hack
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  • Filtering API results on AWS account ID?

    Hi all,   I wanted to know if it's possible to filter the API results by certain AWS account numbers. I'm specifically referring to the Cloud Agent API.   I need to pull a subset of my data based on accoun...
    Garrett G.
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  • API Gateway - Application API Docs (Swagger)

    Module Version API Gateway Documentation FIM 1 https://gateway.qg1.apps.qualys.com/apidocs/fim/v1   FIM 2 https://gateway.qg1.apps.qualys.com/apidocs/fim/v2 ITAM/AI 1 https://gateway.qg1.apps.qualys.com/apid...
    Laura Seletos
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  • Qualys WAS selenium crawl script failure through API

    Hi there, I'm trying to send Selenium Script while adding application, using the <crawlScripts> tag as mentioned in the documentation but I'm hitting the error - Invalid XML format: The processing instruct...
    Ritik Saxena
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  • API Learning

    Greetings all.  I was looking at sometime in the future digging into the API feature of Qualys mainly so I can automate a few tasks.   What would you suggest are the best steps to take here in learning?
    John Sponheimer
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  • API Call Not Adhering To Limit Results Default Paramater

    I am downloading data from my account about hosts using: the following api url: \'https://qualysapi.qualys.com/qps/rest/2.0/search/am/hostasset/?fields=id,name,created,modified,lastVulnScan,dnsHostName,netbiosName,add...
    created by derekv
  • API Code Walkthrough - Assign Tags to Multiple Assets

    Purpose: This is an API sample code walkthrough for how to automate assigning a tag, or tags, to one or more assets (I cover the Postman method in this document). Description: This example follows along with t...
    Laura Seletos
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  • Quick Start Guide for the Qualys API (Postman Edition)

    Hello everyone!   This tutorial and Postman collection is designed to help users get started with the Qualys API quickly and easily. This example is based on the common request around exporting VM data. Please p...
    Laura Seletos
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  • active_kernels_only

    The May 2019 API guide states to use "arf_kernel_filter" since " active_kernels_only is deprecated and will be removed in a future release ".   Has this been removed yet?     Would also be nice i...
    created by adamc
  • Discussion: Non-expiring API Account in Qualys

    Discussion: How to set up a non-expiring API Account in Qualys.   Problem: Setting up the password expiration policy within Qualys is a subscription level configuration setting. This has been an i...
    Laura Seletos
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  • Postman Quick Reference and Cheat Sheet

    As most of you know I recommend Postman over dealing with curl and found this little gem today:   The Postman Cheatsheet & Quick Reference Guide - Community showcase - Postman 
    Jeff Leggett
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  • Launching Report doesn't work for scanner/reader API but works for manager.

    Per the permissions chart below: User Roles Comparison (Vulnerability Management)    A reader should be able to launch reports. In fact, you can even designate specific report templates to people otuside o...
    Eric Rubin
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  • Bulk Uninstall Agents (by tag name) via Postman

    I recently had a request to do a bulk uninstall of duplicate agents via the Qualys API. I set this up via Postman and have attached the export for anyone to use and modify.    NOTE: Please read the "Un...
    Laura Seletos
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  • API pull Trending Vulnerabilities

    I am looking for a way to pull Assets + Vulnerabilities from the API for a monthly trending report.    I can use Asset Search Report to get the asset data by month + "first found date" but haven't foun...
    Jon Rhodes
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  • API Code Walkthrough - Create Unix Authentication Record with Root Delegation (CURL & Postman)

    Purpose: This is an API sample code walkthrough for creating a Unix authentication record with root delegation enabled. I cover both CURL & Postman methods. Description: This example follows along w...
    Laura Seletos
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  • Powershell with Qualys VM API

    After searching long on for information and examples of the Quayls VM API, I found there was lacking examples and information. So i am posting mine to maybe help some else.  Hope this helps the community. As alwa...
    Hun Pham
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  • --data-binary flag in Qualys API docs examples

    I have had this come up a few times and thought the answer would benefit all.  To answer your question, they need to use a HTTP POST and transmit the IPs in the body.  they can use --data-binary with the...
    Jeff Leggett
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