• CloudView AWS / AssetView EC2 Connector - China

    Summary  The document outlines the steps necessary to setup a Qualys EC2 Connector for the AWS China account type / region. In order to configure a Qualys cloud connec...
    Sean Nicholson
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  • Lack of EC2 connector for public IPs provisioned by NAT gateway services

    According to Qualys support, the current EC2 connector does not identify public IPs that are provisioned via the NAT gateway services.  Page 23 of the referenced document indicates that the APIs that are used by ...
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  • Deploy VM Solution to Azure

    I found (and previously followed) this guide for deploying the security solution in Azure. https://discussions.qualys.com/docs/DOC-5823-deploying-qualys-cloud-agents-from-microsoft-azure-security-center#assessme&helli...
    Kevin Neumann
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  • CS deploy sensor questions

    Hello    We have a series of questions where the public documentations not covering and other usrs may benefit from any QG SME.   1. What is the guaranteed resource allocation that should be assigned ...
    G Covasan
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  • Tips for Achieving a Successful Container/Image Scan

    Outlined below are some general tips to achieving a successful container and/or container image scan.   Ensure that the Qualys CS Sensor is deployed on the container host that has the container/image(s) you wish ...
    Alex Mandernack
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  • AWS Elastic Container Registry (ECR) Scanning Tips

    Introduction This document will provide tips for completing a successful registry scan of an AWS Elastic Container Registry (ECR).   AWS Registry Scanning Tips The repository name is the name that is shown in ...
    Alex Mandernack
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  • Understanding "Last Scanned" date and "Vulnerabilities" Fields | Container Security

    This document is intended provide the rationale for NULL "Last Scanned" date and "Vulnerabilities" fields in the API, and no software/vulnerability information in the UI.   Why is there no "Last Scanned" dat...
    Spencer Brown
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  • Rancher Integration for Container Security

    Is anyone using Rancher as their orchestration engine with container security? I’m looking to deploy the sensors with Rancher but wanted to know how that would modify the installation...
    Joe Hansen
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  • AWS EC2 Connector creation automation

    Our AWS environment has processes to create new AWS Accounts. Has anyone done any automation to allow the AWS account creation to also create the EC2 connector?  We currently have almost 300 accounts and this wil...
    Byron Fackenthall
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  • EC2 Connector Setup - AWS GovCloud 

    Summary  The document outlines the steps necessary to setup a Qualys EC2 Connector for the AWS GovCloud account type / region. In order to configure a Qualys cloud con...
    Sean Nicholson
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  • Openstack deployment customize dns server

    Hi,   we try to setup a Qualys VM in Openstack. 1 WAN interface, 1 LAN interface with vlan trunking. Is there a way to enter a DNS Server via customization script? We need to deploy Qualys with a ...
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  • Assess Vulnerabilities and Misconfigurations in CICD Pipelines

    Who is this written for?  This document is to provide a flow of how to integrate Qualys Virtual Scanner Appliance into your DevOps pipelines. This is a tool, vendor, and cloud environment agnostic approach that w...
    Sean Nicholson
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  • Scanning in Microsoft Azure using Resource Manager (ARM)

    This document describes briefly how to deploy the Qualys Virtual Scanner Appliance using Microsoft Azure Resource Manager (ARM). This scanner, once deployed, will function as a standard Virtual Scanner and can scan ba...
    George Akimov
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  • Scanning in Microsoft Azure

    Extend the reach of the Qualys Cloud Platform to your Microsoft Azure infrastructure by deploying a Qualys Virtual Scanner Appliance - using Azure Resource Manager deployment. The appliance is a stateless resource tha...
    Steve McBride
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  • Qualys Integration with Google Cloud Security Command Center

    Introduction Customers can now access Qualys vulnerability findings in the Google Cloud Security Command Center (SCC). This will help them prioritize risks and automate remediation using native services such as&#...
    Hari Srinivasan
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  • Stopped container

    Hi,   I am running some tests on Container security in a EC2 instance. I have a couple of question if anybody can answer.   How often each container is scanned and the information are updated?   I ha...
    Max Max
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  • EC2 API Server for AWS Pre-authorized Virtual Vcanner

    Does anyone know how the EC2 API server is assigned to the AWS pre-authorized virtual scanner? We have one virtual scanner set up in the East region and one for the West region. For some reason, when we run EC2 scans ...
    nenadyan f
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  • Get Qualys Data from Azure

    Hi, I have the Qualys App in Azure. Is it possible to build a dashboard in Azure? Can I take the Qualys data from Azure to another service? Or is it better to do this from the Qualys Cloud?
    Frank YANG
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  • How do Cloud Agents identify EC2 information?

    How do Cloud Agents identify EC2 information?     I have a known range of IPs for AWS EC2 instances, but my agents do not identify the EC2 information for all of my instances in the range. It seems random...
    Patrick Dempsey
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  • Integrating Qualys Container security plugin with Jenkins

    We have configured the jenkins plugin as described in qualys container security pdf document. But we are unable to pass the docker image id as environment variable. Qualys plugin reports error if we pass docker image ...
    Jayanarayan MC
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