• Openstack deployment customize dns server

    Hi,   we try to setup a Qualys VM in Openstack. 1 WAN interface, 1 LAN interface with vlan trunking. Is there a way to enter a DNS Server via customization script? We need to deploy Qualys with a ...
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  • Stopped container

    Hi,   I am running some tests on Container security in a EC2 instance. I have a couple of question if anybody can answer.   How often each container is scanned and the information are updated?   I ha...
    Max Max
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  • Get Qualys Data from Azure

    Hi, I have the Qualys App in Azure. Is it possible to build a dashboard in Azure? Can I take the Qualys data from Azure to another service? Or is it better to do this from the Qualys Cloud?
    Frank YANG
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  • How do Cloud Agents identify EC2 information?

    How do Cloud Agents identify EC2 information?     I have a known range of IPs for AWS EC2 instances, but my agents do not identify the EC2 information for all of my instances in the range. It seems random...
    Patrick Dempsey
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  • Integrating Qualys Container security plugin with Jenkins

    We have configured the jenkins plugin as described in qualys container security pdf document. But we are unable to pass the docker image id as environment variable. Qualys plugin reports error if we pass docker image ...
    Jayanarayan MC
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  • [Container Security] Kubernetes Sensor Agent provisioning failed

    After installing Container Security sensors as a Kubernetes Daemonset I can see all pods across the cluster are Running.   However, no agents are reported from on the Configurations -> Sensors section ...
    Rodrigo Martinez
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  • Automatically Update Azure Endpoints

    Hi, I'd like to be able to automatically update my Azure Endpoints (like my VMs and other resources with a network address). Is there a way to automatically update them without manually loading their IP addresses into...
    Joey Odell
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  • Delete Sensor entry in Container Security

    I have around 73 container sensors that were uninstalled more than two weeks ago, yet their findings and entries exists in Qualys. I do not see an option to remove it from the interface. Some were deleted by a daemons...
    Murtaza Shams
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  • The security token included in the request is invalid. (Service: AWSSecurityTokenService; Status Code: 403; Error Code: InvalidClientTokenId; Request ID

    Do we have API's in Qualys to get the license data information ?
    Raghavendra Lad
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  • Best Practice - Deleting Containers

    We are in the process of evaluating the Container Security module. Are there Best Practices for managing containers as they enter a "DELETED" state? Is there a good method for deleting large numbers of "DELETED" con...
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  • Setting up Container Security at GKE

    Hello, I'm trying do deploy the container security qualys sensor at google kubernetes engine. but i keep getting the error  "Cannot pull image qualys/sensor:1.2.1" is the sensor docker image private ?...
    Montassar Dridi
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  • Getting incomplete results from Container Security

    We are running into some issues when scanning containers, in order to find vulnerabilities on third-party dependencies.   First, I'd like to know how this works? Is it possible that this feature looks for depend...
    Maximiliano Lagos
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  • more information on Cloud agent

    Hi Experts,   I have used traditional VM scanners for scanning hosts, scheduling scans and then viewing the results of the scan etc. I'm new to Cloud agent. So Cloud Agent module is there no concept of scheduled...
    Vulnerability Lover
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  • Instance type c5.9xlarge?

    Does Qualys support c5.9xlarge instances?
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  • Qualys Agent in Docker containers

    Hi,   Is it possible to have some information about scanning in Docker containers?   I know there is the new sensor, but I would like some information before deploy it.   Firstly, I would like to und...
    Max Max
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  • Container Security on openshift/kubernetes

    Anyone have any success with container security module in an openshift environment running kubernetes? I deployed the sensor to 3 pods and Qualys keeps registering new sensors every minute or two... My 3 sensors ar...
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  • Kubernetes security flaw (CVE-2018-1002105)

    Will Qualys be releasing some detection based on versioning in the container security module for this cve?   Research write up: Kubernetes security flaw (CVE-2018-1002105) - elastisys  Bug fix:https:/...
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  • Qualys CS lose connection with dockers

    Hi guys, I need some help, after the K8S security update, I lose connection with the dockers, I just only see the dashboard, somebody knows something?
    Cristian Rivas
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  • Has anyone automated the deployment of the container sensor? 

    I am trying to create a lambda that will do this (with the Activation ID and Customer ID entered by the user as a parameter) for different AWS accounts in our organization.  Current instructions require authentic...
    Frank Dooling
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  • Code 999 while creating EC2 scan

    Dear All, I'm trying to create an automated EC2 scan.   My workflow: create the, to be scaned, stack in the Amazon create Virtual Scan Appliance (VSA) in Qualys create VSA in the Amazon and wait un...
    Maxim Budyonny
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