• BrowserCheck plugin required? & outdated FAQ, incomplete/conflicting info

    I'm having trouble determining whether BrowserCheck does or does not install browser plugin(s) and how that relates to different editions (i.e. personal vs. business etc.).  The Personal Edition page (www.qualys....
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  • browser scanning

    After my scan was through it said everything was updated, but it said the browsers aren't safe for browsing, why.     Shereen Trimble email - bboop73641@aol.com
    shereen trimble
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  • real player update

    After scanning it said my version of real player  was insecure - is wrong version. the new version is - but when I tried to update it was real player cloud and it said I did not meet system re...
    shereen trimble
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  • not safe for browsing

    Qualys scanned my computer and said it was all updated but said they were not safe for browsing, why   email address - bboop73641@aol.com
    shereen trimble
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  • second account, no access

    Hi All,   I reached out to support for this and was directed here. I have a secondary account on my companies BrowserCheck account. I have been able to check computers that have checked in and create a new link ...
    Thomas Frearson
    created by Thomas Frearson
  • browsers not safe for browsing

    When I scanned my computer the browsers, Chrome 39.0.217195, Mozilla 34.0.5 and Microsoft IE 0.0.8112.16421 were all up to date but it said for all of them that they weren't safe for browsing and I don't know why. ...
    shereen trimble
    created by shereen trimble
  • QID Lookup Capability

    I have looked for a page in this site where one can quickly lookup vulnerability details using only the QID number.  Have I just missed this page?  Or, is there no such capability?  Even Tenable(R) prov...
    John Roney
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  • Removing MS Update Warning "ScanError: -4:8007005 Access Denied"

    Ever since loading BrowserCheck, I have received this MS Update Warning. I have done everything Microsoft Support has recommended (even created and ran a Reset.cmd) but the Warning appears as soon as I log onto the In...
    Gavin Greenhalgh
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  • 64bit Support?

    Any idea when we're going to see this?
    created by aaronjbell
  • Wrong detection of Windows version

    Why does it detect:   Windows 7 Home Premium Edition, 64-bit Service Pack 0 (RTM)   Even though I am running Windows 8.1?
    Palle Mikkelsen
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  • How long should a scan take?

    I have used Qualys browser check for a year or so but I am not a security expert, not even a computer nerd, just a home user wanting a secure computing environment.  Using Mac OS X Mavericks.   I'm scanning...
    Geoffrey Kloster
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  • BrowserCheck not updated?

    Hello,   I have met possible problem with Qualys BrowserCheck. Last patch Tuesday brought lot of new versions in browser world - at least Firefox, Chrome, Java, Flash. During previous patch Tuesdays, I was able ...
    created by JStribrsky
  • GlobalSign SSL Checker: Grade C, consequences?

    I have a free SSL certificate with my host. I ran the same test and got the following response: http://i.imgur.com/CbVjVee.png (ps. this is my employers domain, so I've blurred out some parts for privacy).   ...
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  • Someone please tell me - When is 3DES not 3DES?

    Hello.   Here's something that's starting to bug me.   Qualys SSL browser test tells me my Winxp Pro (32bit) with IE8 does not support FS in 3DES - so far so good but the Qualys SSL test also reports my ver...
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  • Anybody know when Qualys plans on fixing their IE 10 issues

    Anybody know if they are woking on the issuses they have been having with IE 10?
    chris kinnick
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  • BrowserCheck Business MSI doesn't install plugin for Chrome browser

    Is BrowserCheck Business MSI only supposed to install the plugin for Internet Explorer?  It doesn't install for the default browser which is chrome.  I've reproduced this on several machines now and it is on...
    Stephen Wilkey
    created by Stephen Wilkey
  • BrowserCheck Business edition (install using MSI)

    I'm using the MSI to install browsercheck business edition.  A few weeks ago I experienced a problem where it was partially reporting to the dashboard and I waited a couple of weeks before following up as I wante...
    Stephen Wilkey
    created by Stephen Wilkey
  • BrowserCheck Business Edition MSI Installer

    Hello, Using the MSI installer but experiencing some odd behaviors...This is in reference to this post: BrowserCheck Business Edition scans not reporting back to dashboard     After some testing, the scan...
    Aaron McVanner
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  • BrowserCheck Business Edition scans not reporting back to dashboard

    Hello, We are having an issue where BrowserCheck Business Edition scans are not reporting back to the management dashboard.  I've signed our company up with the Business Edition of BrowserCheck, the MSI file was...
    Aaron McVanner
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  • Adobe Reader vulnerable?

    Martin Fischer
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