• Apple Icon for Cisco?

    Has anyone else noticed this? In Asset View, I now suddenly see the icon used for MAC devices showing against Cisco??     Has there been a buy-out??? ;-)
    Chris Jones
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  • Asset Inventory Reports

    How do we export the AI content we need into a report (PDF or DOCX or the like)?
    De Witt Tromp
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  • Widget: assets that have been added

    Looking for the syntax to create a widget that shows new assets that have been 'added' to the network on a weekly basis.  TIA
    Joshua Davidson
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  • Same Queries different, outcomes...

    What is causing these two queries to produce completely different results... both queries are being used under the vulnerability management, vulnerability  beta Asset view option...   See the following...
    Cec Glz
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  • Asset tagging based on CVSS

    I'm trying to create dynamic asset tags for assets that meet certain vulnerability criteria.  I've been successful getting nearly everything in place with Groovy, but cannot find the attribute for CVSS scores. &#...
    Ed Gurganus
    created by Ed Gurganus
  • Dynamic Tag using XML in Asset Search

    Is it possible to set a dynamic tag to use Asset Search to look for other tags? I have tried to do this every way that I can think of and nothing has worked quite that way I would like or expect. I thought that since ...
    Robert Lane
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  • Asset Inventory missing Tags

    I'm getting familiar with the (now free) Asset Inventory app and I like the feature to narrow it down by Tags, however all of my Tags are not available for filtering.   I'm assuming it would populate itself ...
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  • Authenticated Scan is not running.

    Authenticated Scan is not running, showing no host alive but host is alive and reachable from qualys applience where unauthenticated scans are running well. Start: 07/28/2019 at 14:53:54 (GMT+0600) | Ended: 07/28/20...
    Md. Imran Hosan
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  • Dynamic Asset Tags using Asset Search Rule Engine

    Is there any documentation on how to format the XML? I'd like to create an asset tag which checks that the last time an agent checked in is above a certain threshold of days.   Here is an example that I h...
  • Create a dynamic tag based on system.manufacturer

    I'm looking to create a dynamic tag based on system.manufacturer, for example: system.manufacturer:GETAC or system.manufacturer:LENOVO   I have tried to use the Dynamic tag rule but can't seem to find th...
    Chris Johnson
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  • Asset View EU2 Not Synching

    Hi All,   Anyone else experiencing this? Assets scanned 1 hour ago are not showing latest scan in Asset View. Instead, state that asset last scanned XX hours ago, starting with 5+ hours for assets scanned a few ...
    Chris Jones
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  • Tagging / Reporting Discrepancy

    Hi All,   BlueKeep! So, i've read through the various bits on the forum as well as Qualys own information. Here's my query:   1. I have a widget with the following query: vulnerabilities.vulnerability.qid:...
    Chris Jones
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  • Deprecated SSH Cryptographic Settings

    Deprecated SSH Cryptographic Settings: We already disabled the ciphers like DES, 3-DES, RC4 etc . We also updated ssh version from 6.4 to 7.4. But this vulnerability still alive. Can anyone help me about further step...
    Md. Imran Hosan
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  • Tag for a List of Asset Names?

    OK, I am just trying to create some tags for internal tracking.   I might be missing something that is slapping me in the face but I am missing it.   I have a list of asset names, is there a way to tag a b...
    John Sponheimer
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  • monitoring open ports

    Good Day !  We are looking for an effective method to track approved open ports for hosts that are ip scanned and unauthenticated.  Approval must be based on port AND ip address.  We have looked at ut...
    Kevin Ryan
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  • Are there QIDs I can use to determine if Sentinel One And Helix agents are installed on our servers?

    Are there QIDs I can use to determine if Sentinel One And Helix agents are installed on our servers? Currently trying to pull a report to management to show how many servers have these AVs installed.
    Jethro Montes
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  • VMs Created in Vmware to have the Cloud Agent Automatically

    Hello,   I would like to embed the Qualys Cloud Agent to our Standard VM deployed through VMWare. is there a means to do this?   JG
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  • Tagging Lite Inventory Scan vs VM Scan?

    As part of verifying that we are scanning all hosts on our network, we do periodic Light Inventory Scanning to detect new hosts that come on the network.  This scanning uses the normal VM scanning, but with a muc...
    Jake VanMast
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  • Search Host Assets API endpoint boolean operators not supported?

    Here is the documentation for reference (page 67): https://www.qualys.com/docs/qualys-asset-management-tagging-api-v2-user-guide.pdf    Is it possible to perform a search using the API which would be e...
    Alexandre Philbert
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  • QID Inquiry - Office Installations

    I started digging and found the following for Office related QID's (Office being installed)   110163 Microsoft Office 2003 Installed 110164 Microsoft Office 2007 Installed 110165 Microsoft Office 2010 Installed ...
    John Sponheimer
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