• Detecting All Databases in the Enviornment

    Is there a way to detect all databases in the environment. By all, I mean databases using standard as well as non standard ports. I tried using QID 19568 but this does not seems to pick up all the databases. Is there ...
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  • Tagging the detection of the scanning appliance

    Hi, is there a method when creating a tag, to capture assets scanned with a particular appliance please?  i'd like to report on parts of our organisation where the IP ranges coincide.  Thanks
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  • How identify different assets

    We are adding connector ec2 and with this we see numerous assets. We would like your help to better identify what is a common asset that can install the agent and what is a container to which we will need to install o...
    E F
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  • Feedback on the Asset Inventory module?

    We are doing a trial of the Asset Inventory module and wanted to know if anyone else is doing the same and what you like about the module:   Do you have any good widgets or queries you would like to share? What...
    Rusty Qualyz
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  • Finding embedded databases using Assetview

    I am being asked to look for embedded databases that may be in our environment such as NoSQL,  MySQL or Cassandra. I think this would be a great use case for Qualys, especially using AssetView. I have tried to se...
    Kevin G
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  • Global IT Asset Inventory - Free

    Has anyone got any data in this new module, our dashboard and assets are blank. We are already using cloud agents, is there some kind of special configuration that is required?
    Dan Leate
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  • Licence management for assets with multiple IPs

    Hello,   We have a lot of assets with multiple IPs. Majority is the laptops connected to its base stations - they are connected the corporate network via base station's RJ45 cable, but also keep their ...
    Alexey Shalygin
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  • Accounts in System Information

      Hello, I’d like to ask, maybe someone knows how this tab works and by what principle accounts get there. Because domain accounts do not get there and I would like to know how it works.
    Ihor Dovhusha
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  • Anyone having issues in Asset View displaying results?

    All of our users in Qualys that have the Scanner role and below can get into Asset View, however, there are no results that display.  Just curious if anyone is showing the same thing.  
    Rusty Qualyz
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  • Asset Tag Rule Engines

    Is there a resource that describes the advantages for each type of Asset Tag Rule Engines, as well as use cases for each?  The document "Asset Tags:  Are you Getting the Best Value" is very good, and the exa...
    Andrew Wild
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  • Qualys Agent - Software List / Vulnerabilities not updating

    Hi guys,        I'm noticing Qualys Agents not updating the vulnerabilities results and software list.   Last week I found more than 500 devices in my subscription which the last vulnerabili...
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  • 7Monkeys/DejaBlue - Asset Tagging RDP Svc for reporting

    In response to 7Monkeys/DejaBlue, could someone assist in constructing an XML "Asset Search" to flag devices appropriately?   Asset View Dashboard Query: vulnerabilities.vulnerability.qid: 91563 and not (servic...
    John Wood
    created by John Wood
  • Bulk tag re-evaluation

    Hi all,    When is a dynamic tag (based on IP range) re-evaluated? We created some a while back ahead of moving away from groups and when reviewing the assets that fall within them, they were empty. The che...
    James Hamill
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  • AssetView names don't update

    We use IP based tracking for our network, and we have dynamic IPs for our workstations. When an IP is first scanned, AssetView stores the DNS name for the discovered asset as the asset name. If during a later scan tha...
    Jordan Greene
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  • Tags based on OSCPE?

    Anyone have any examples of tags based on OSCPE versions? I assume the asset search based one would do it but I can't find any documentation as to what type of arguments it takes.
    created by psaux
  • Unable to run azure connector from asset view module

    Unable to run azure connector through REST API. It works fine with web UI REST API call is as follows curl -n -u "username:password" -X POST "https://qualysapi.qg2.apps.qualys.com/qps/rest/2.0/run/am/assetdataconnec...
    Jayanarayan MC
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  • Apple Icon for Cisco?

    Has anyone else noticed this? In Asset View, I now suddenly see the icon used for MAC devices showing against Cisco??     Has there been a buy-out??? ;-)
    Chris Jones
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  • Asset Inventory Reports

    How do we export the AI content we need into a report (PDF or DOCX or the like)?
    De Witt Tromp
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  • Widget: assets that have been added

    Looking for the syntax to create a widget that shows new assets that have been 'added' to the network on a weekly basis.  TIA
    Joshua Davidson
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  • Same Queries different, outcomes...

    What is causing these two queries to produce completely different results... both queries are being used under the vulnerability management, vulnerability  beta Asset view option...   See the following...
    Cec Glz
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