• Asset Search For Multiple DNS Names

    Hi all,   Please let me know whether there is any way to do asset search for multiple DNS names together like its possible for multiple IPs.   Thanks in advance.
    Honey Johny
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  • Tracking Method in Scan

    We are trying to manage the tracking method for all of our assets in this way: If NetBIOS exist then track by NETBIOS Else if NetBIOS not exist and DNS does exist track by DNS Else track by IP address   The i...
    Sam Friday
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  • Appliance & Asset

    How can I see what appliance was used to scan an asset?
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  • IBM Bigfix Integration with Qualys

    Hi,   Our patching team use IBM BigFix to patch servers and we have a separate team running vulnerability scans and reporting those result to the patching team.   Im looking to find out if it is possible t...
    Emmet Dowling
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  • Can't find assets in subscription

    Hello,   It looks like we have an issue with our suscription or our configuration. According to 'Account info' menu we have 1012 IPs and 949 unique hosts in our subscription.   But when we perform an Ass...
    Alexey Shalygin
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  • Solution: Non-Manager Level Accounts Unable to Search `Cloud Agent` Tag

    Solution: Non-Manager Level Accounts Unable to Search `Cloud Agent` Tag   Use Case:  Reader accounts are unable to search `Cloud Agent` asset tag in VM > Asset Search, AssetView or VM Dashboard beta....
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  • Tagging with the Network Feature

    This document outlines the process to create tags for specific networks configured within Qualys.  The Network Feature is solely to avoid issues with overlapping network space and should not be used for pure...
    Spencer Brown
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  • Deprecated SSH Cryptographic Settings

    Deprecated SSH Cryptographic Settings: We already disabled the ciphers like DES, 3-DES, RC4 etc . We also updated ssh version from 6.4 to 7.4. But this vulnerability still alive. Can anyone help me about further step...
    Md. Imran Hosan
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  • Scanning tags when agents are used for asset mgmt only

    What steps are required to perform dynamic scans, targeting assets by Cloud Agent (activation key -> tags)?   I have created an asset group and added the cloud agents to that group dynamically by having the a...
    Mathias Hoelzli
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  • Groovy Script to Tag Assets with No Last VM Scan date

    Hi Community Wondering if anyone can help me with groovy script code to tag assets that have the following. - specific asset tag already applied to assets - no lastvmscandate. The asset search query i am using is&...
    Michael Fennell
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  • Is there a way to get the last used date for a software installed?

    Hi All,   Is it possible to obtain an indication on the last date of use of the/a software installed on a machine with Cloud Agent? Looking at the option in the Global IT Asset Inventory Module seems that this t...
    created by giacomor
  • WAS Dynamic Tag based on sev 4 or 5 vulns over last 6 months

    Looking in asset search to try and create a query that would allow such a tag i can't see a way to only show assets with  WAS and severity 5 vulnerabilities. The following  ...
    Robo Scan
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  • When are dynamic tags applied?

    This is a general question about the behavior of dynamic tagging in AssetView.   We wanted to create a dynamic tag for the presence of a specific QID. This seems like a pretty straightforward process.  &#...
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  • Add Children Tags to a Parent Tag

    Hello Qualys Community,   I'm hoping jbleggett will get back to me on this one.  Everything I've found so far suggests Jeff is the Asset Tagging API guru.   I'm looking to add child tags to ...
    Tobias Voegele
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  • Regex Value to match Unknown-Unauthenticated Windows Devices

    I'm trying to create a tag to match the following Windows Unknown (Unauthenticated) devices:   Windows 2008 R2 / Windows 7 behind NetScaler Windows Vista / Windows 2008 / Windows 7 / Windows 2012 Windows 2003 / ...
    Wade Alexandro
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  • Tag for a List of Asset Names?

    OK, I am just trying to create some tags for internal tracking.   I might be missing something that is slapping me in the face but I am missing it.   I have a list of asset names, is there a way to tag a b...
    John Sponheimer
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  • Tag re-evaluation, is it ever complete?

    Hi everyone, i've just had an FR #231348 closed due to lack of similar interest from other customers, so i'm putting this out there to gauge interest. When i create or adjust a tag, i'd like to know how far down the ...
    created by Chalky_White
  • Tag devices with no vulnerabilities?

    Hi, we have a process we call "orphaned" whereby any asset that does not have an owner for remediation is placed.  A great many of the devices that fall into this bucket have 0 confirmed and 0 potential, with lit...
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  • monitoring open ports

    Good Day !  We are looking for an effective method to track approved open ports for hosts that are ip scanned and unauthenticated.  Approval must be based on port AND ip address.  We have looked at ut...
    Kevin Ryan
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  • Report on Connected From

    Happy Friday.    Does a method exist such as a specific qid that holds the information for the Connected From Information located in asset view.   I feel like we have reported on this previously b...
    Kevin Ryan
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