• Help with a "simple" Asset search

    I'm new to Qualys and am struggling to get an answer to a simple question.  "Qualys... to identify gaps in my estate, show me the Cloud Agents that haven't checked in in the last 24 hours". I have attempted the ...
    Vincent King
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  • Map scanning problems

    Hello all, just new in the fórum, I try to create a map scanning for internal networks, and I have create a Group with the IP for each device, and include them in the none domain, but it continue tell me: ...
    Gracia Villamayor
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  • Findind Sharepoint Servers

    Morning All,   I need to find only Sharepoint servers in all company assets, which is the best way to find the assets?     Thanks Steve
    zarcoff Ross
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  • Can you group assets via location in Qualys?

    I need to run Qualys compliance reports against a number of offices to see how compliant those offices are when it comes to patching.   Is it possible to group assets in Qualys via location? Is doing this via th...
    Nick Doyle
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  • Dynamic tag for WAS and VM assets

    I have defined Business Unit (BU) for various asset groups in VM and have used those BU's to tag my WAS inventory. I am trying to define one tag "PROD" to mark production assets VM and WAS.   Below Asset Invent...
    Tom S
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  • Training material bugaboo?

    I tried going through a new Qualys video and was wondering if anyone else is scratching their heads.   The video "Policy Compliance" offered by Qualys thru Vemo states at the 15:01 minute mark states "Asset tagg...
    Scott Wickham
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  • Are there any dashboards for the AI module dashboard?

    Are there any pre-built dashboards for the AI module?  Does anyone have any dashboards or widgets they would like to share?  We really want to start using this module to align with a possible ServiceNow impl...
    Rusty Qualyz
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  • Regarding Citrix Server List Fetching..

    How do i query to get a list of all Citrix Servers in Qualys ?
    Swapnil Kachave
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  • Using Truncation_limit with API?

    Hi,    I have been trying to obtain all the assets with their tags using a post method to: "https://qualysapi.qualys.eu/qps/rest/2.0/search/am/hostasset".   I am expecting over 3,000 records to be ret...
    steve Turner
    created by steve Turner
  • EOL Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1     and other Version QID´s missing

    Windwos Server EOL/Obsulte Windows Server 2008 QID Missing   I Cant not genereta a report for EOL Windows 2008 server lifecyle  How i can find this systems ?   Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack...
    Hans-Juergen Kreutzer
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  • Vulnerability management

    Is there a way to organize vulnerabilities in order of severity and number of affected assets?  Like in Patch Management where you can see how many assets are missing vs installed?  
  • Reporting on system last boot

    Is there a way to visualize the  date & time of the last boot for a set of assets?  I know that there is a search token called system.lastboot that has this data, but I can't figure out how to ...
    Andrew Wild
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  • How to retrieve filtered asset list w/ pagination?

    I am writing powershell to retrieve an asset list using filter operatingSystem.category1:Windows.   When I pass this filter via the URL query string, I receive a batch of assets matching the filter and the respo...
    Nate Olsen
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  • "Hidden or Unknown" QID's

    I just wanted to inform you all, at the time I am writing this (Monday morning Feb 3), there are 47,730 individual QIDs.   I suggest if you did not know this, you go to the Vulnerability Management module > k...
    John Sponheimer
    created by John Sponheimer
  • Export limit on the AI module?

    Hello Qualys Community,   I tried downloading a list of assets in the AI module and got a message stating there is a limit of 5,000 records.  Is this a temporary limit?
    Rusty Qualyz
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  • How do I delete an asset from AssetView that is no longer active?

    I have seen posts about deleting assets from the VM Host Asset view but these Assets are not listed there. I sent a support request but there still hasn't been any response to what should be a simple question.
    Geoffrey Pille
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  • Kernel-alt false positive vulnerabilites

    Hi everyone, I have an asset (RHEL 7.6) that has the latest kernel version available, after scanning I've got new vulnerabilities related to 'Kernel-alt' package. The asset doesn't have kernel-alt installed and even ...
    yonatan amitay
    created by yonatan amitay
  • Dynamic tags based on CVSS Base score ?

    Hi,    We are trying to create a dynamic tags based on CVSS Base score using below query, but its not working as expected.   if(asset.getAssetType()!=Asset.AssetType.HOST) return false; return asset....
    Chandra Sekhar
    created by Chandra Sekhar
  • Groovy syntax results for dates

    Good Day !    I am looking to build various tags based on the QID 90924 Microsoft Windows Last Reboot Date and Time However I have not been successful in finding guidance on the groovy syntax.  &...
    Kevin Ryan
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  • CMDB Sync & ServiceNow Table Licensing

    My customer would like to use the CMDB Sync application to update the CMDB in ServiceNow. ServiceNow has implemented a new licensing model where it charges extra for custom tables. The customer is worried about the ...
    Kevin Urbanek
    created by Kevin Urbanek