• When are dynamic tags applied?

    This is a general question about the behavior of dynamic tagging in AssetView.   We wanted to create a dynamic tag for the presence of a specific QID. This seems like a pretty straightforward process.  &#...
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  • Groovy Script to Tag Assets with No Last VM Scan date

    Hi Community Wondering if anyone can help me with groovy script code to tag assets that have the following. - specific asset tag already applied to assets - no lastvmscandate. The asset search query i am using is&...
    Michael Fennell
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  • Add Children Tags to a Parent Tag

    Hello Qualys Community,   I'm hoping jbleggett will get back to me on this one.  Everything I've found so far suggests Jeff is the Asset Tagging API guru.   I'm looking to add child tags to ...
    Tobias Voegele
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  • Regex Value to match Unknown-Unauthenticated Windows Devices

    I'm trying to create a tag to match the following Windows Unknown (Unauthenticated) devices:   Windows 2008 R2 / Windows 7 behind NetScaler Windows Vista / Windows 2008 / Windows 7 / Windows 2012 Windows 2003 / ...
    Wade Alexandro
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  • Tag for a List of Asset Names?

    OK, I am just trying to create some tags for internal tracking.   I might be missing something that is slapping me in the face but I am missing it.   I have a list of asset names, is there a way to tag a b...
    John Sponheimer
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  • Groovy syntax results for dates

    Good Day !    I am looking to build various tags based on the QID 90924 Microsoft Windows Last Reboot Date and Time However I have not been successful in finding guidance on the groovy syntax.  &...
    Kevin Ryan
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  • Tag re-evaluation, is it ever complete?

    Hi everyone, i've just had an FR #231348 closed due to lack of similar interest from other customers, so i'm putting this out there to gauge interest. When i create or adjust a tag, i'd like to know how far down the ...
    created by Chalky_White
  • Tag devices with no vulnerabilities?

    Hi, we have a process we call "orphaned" whereby any asset that does not have an owner for remediation is placed.  A great many of the devices that fall into this bucket have 0 confirmed and 0 potential, with lit...
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  • monitoring open ports

    Good Day !  We are looking for an effective method to track approved open ports for hosts that are ip scanned and unauthenticated.  Approval must be based on port AND ip address.  We have looked at ut...
    Kevin Ryan
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  • Report on Connected From

    Happy Friday.    Does a method exist such as a specific qid that holds the information for the Connected From Information located in asset view.   I feel like we have reported on this previously b...
    Kevin Ryan
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  • Apple Icon for Cisco?

    Has anyone else noticed this? In Asset View, I now suddenly see the icon used for MAC devices showing against Cisco??     Has there been a buy-out??? ;-)
    Chris Jones
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  • Asset Tags: Are You Getting The Best Value?

    IntroductionWhen you take a moment to reflect on your Qualys account, what goes through your head? Do you think about whether or not you're getting the best use out of the features you've paid for? From time to time, ...
    Colton Pepper
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  • Troubleshoot Failing Scans

    I'm troubleshooting scans that are failing every time they run. I've made a number of changes to the scans (manually load balancing them and slicing them into smaller groups) but at least one group continues to fail. ...
    keith Seymour
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  • Feedback on the Asset Inventory module?

    We are doing a trial of the Asset Inventory module and wanted to know if anyone else is doing the same and what you like about the module:   Do you have any good widgets or queries you would like to share? What...
    Rusty Qualyz
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  • Qualys Monitoring/Alerting in AWS

    Hello,   I am assisting with implementing Qualys and I am looking for some feedback about how to execute a couple of activities.   I am looking to enforce the Qualys Cloud Agent installation if a provision...
    Chris Hughes
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  • Detecting All Databases in the Enviornment

    Is there a way to detect all databases in the environment. By all, I mean databases using standard as well as non standard ports. I tried using QID 19568 but this does not seems to pick up all the databases. Is there ...
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  • Qualys Feeding bigfix

    Good Day,    I am wondering if anyone has solved for mapping if you will Microsoft related QID's to bigfix fixlets.  We are looking to improve upon our existing processes and being able to create a map...
    Kevin Ryan
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  • Tagging the detection of the scanning appliance

    Hi, is there a method when creating a tag, to capture assets scanned with a particular appliance please?  i'd like to report on parts of our organisation where the IP ranges coincide.  Thanks
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  • How identify different assets

    We are adding connector ec2 and with this we see numerous assets. We would like your help to better identify what is a common asset that can install the agent and what is a container to which we will need to install o...
    E F
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  • Finding embedded databases using Assetview

    I am being asked to look for embedded databases that may be in our environment such as NoSQL,  MySQL or Cassandra. I think this would be a great use case for Qualys, especially using AssetView. I have tried to se...
    Kevin G
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