• Dynamic Tagging

    I am starting to use Dynamic tagging and understand the following: IP Address in Range, IP Address in Range + Networks. But I would like to create a tag based on some of the fields used within Qualys. So for an e...
    Richard Neerhout
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  • Is there a way to get the last used date for a software installed?

    Hi All,   Is it possible to obtain an indication on the last date of use of the/a software installed on a machine with Cloud Agent? Looking at the option in the Global IT Asset Inventory Module seems that this t...
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  • Tags overlapping

    I have a customer for whom I created Tags. While the tags are viewable to the customer, some of the tags are overlapping one particular tag, When doing an Assets/Tag search. The IP Ranges for the one tag are not in th...
    Michael Flemmings
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  • Need an Attribute to Filter Non-Running Services Discovered in Scan

    Areas of Functionality: Vulnerability Management Scan Reporting and API. Feature Request Use Case(s): An attribute to Identity Non-Running Services Discovered is needed.   Current Problem: &...
    Jodi Pruitt
    created by Jodi Pruitt
  • Groovy Scriptlet not self-evaluating

    Hi guys, I just noticed that my groovy scriptlets are not self evaluating automaticaly. I have to manually edit them and set to re-evaluate. Is there anyone facing the same?   Thank you,
    created by mrmime988
  • Customer can not view Asset Tags

    I have a customer who is a Unit Manager, who I have created tags for, customer is unable to view tags. How can I correct this for the customer? I have created a Test User Account (as a Reader) while i can veiw all of ...
  • AssetView to Asset Inventory: Behaviour Issue Reported 2020-03-11 - Hotfix Scheduled - Details Within

    Updated March 12: This issue has been resolved on two platforms (US1 & IN1) via the patch numbered Qualys Suite Portal- The patch is scheduled for the week of March 16 on other shared platform...
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  • Dynamic Asset Tags using Asset Search Rule Engine

    Is there any documentation on how to format the XML? I'd like to create an asset tag which checks that the last time an agent checked in is above a certain threshold of days.   Here is an example that I h...
    Alexandre Philbert
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  • Required Assistance to identify NFS Shares in Network

    Hello All,   Can you please help me to understand how I can identify all NFS shares in our Network.   Kindly share the details if any steps/instructions to identify the NFS share in our network.   He...
    Saviour Hack
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  • Will authenticated scans be able to find backported versions of programs?

    Will authenticated scans be able to find backported versions of programs?
    Kalaiyarasi Nataraj
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  • How can i find the Asset Owner

    Hey guys ,   Could you please help me to find out how i can find the asset owner in Qualys ? i have multiple servers which i need to search for asset owners . Is there a report that i can generate in Qualys for ...
    Madhu Madhavan
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  • Asset View Details Displayed in Asset Inventory

    Is anyone else noticing that when you go to Asset View and click on asset details, the platform is now handing off the view to Asset Inventory? Previously the details were loaded within the Asset View module. I know P...
    Jordan Greene
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  • Authentication on Unix machine doesn´t work after accessing the Thycotic Secret Server via https.

    Hey everybody,    we tried to get authentication for a Unix machine and store our secrets on a Thycotic Secret Server. First we accessed the Secret Server via http in our Network an everything was working f...
    Hendrik Bressler
    created by Hendrik Bressler
  • Unix authentication on HP Switches

    Hey, we´re having some trouble with our authentication for HP ProCurve Switches. Currently we are using the Unix record with the credentials stored on a Thycotic Secret Server. Is there any other possibility we ...
    Hendrik Bressler
    created by Hendrik Bressler
  • Search for missing software required by compliance

    Is there any way to search for systems missing software required by compliance? We have Asset View, Vulnerability Management, and several other modules. I can find how to search systems that have installed software bu...
    Nancy Whitney
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  • Qualys AssetView API Asset Tag Update - Description

    I'm using the Qualys AssetView API to update Asset Tags. This is to update multiple tags at once. From my requirements, the description field will also need to be updated. When updating multiple tags via API...
    Elliott Hirzel
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  • Groovy script isn't visible under rule engine

    Hi,   Been reading up on groovy script as I would like to tag servers which are domain controllers. However, when I try to create a dynamic rule groovy script isn't listed in the rule engine drop down box. Am I ...
    James Chaiwon
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  • Asset Tags: Are You Getting The Best Value?

    IntroductionWhen you take a moment to reflect on your Qualys account, what goes through your head? Do you think about whether or not you're getting the best use out of the features you've paid for? From time to time, ...
    Colton Pepper
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  • Export "build version" of Windows?

    I am trying to locate a field or setting in AV or AI that gives me Windows (build version 9600).  Is there a variable that has this I might have missed?  I thought I saw it somewhere previously...but am not ...
    John Sponheimer
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  • Is it possible to expand all IP ranges in the Host Assets tab?

    I understand grouping ranges together, but I would like to expand all of the ranges at once so I don't have to expand each one separately.
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