• Why do some Cloud agents take so long to register in AI?

    Has anyone else seen the issue I'm seeing with AI not apparently having existing cloud agents which have registered and show complete data in both AV and CA modules not show up in AI for many days later?   For c...
    Paul Schooping
    created by Paul Schooping
  • Dynamic tags based on CVSS Base score ?

    Hi,    We are trying to create a dynamic tags based on CVSS Base score using below query, but its not working as expected.   if(asset.getAssetType()!=Asset.AssetType.HOST) return false; return asset....
    Chandra Sekhar
    created by Chandra Sekhar
  • CVS Scores in Knowledgebase DataFeed

    I am looking to import Knowledgebase records into our GRC platform via the Qualys API feed. We are getting a large amount of the information to pull across, however we are not seeing anything being pulled over regardi...
    Brandon Black
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  • Mac OS X operating system detection

    Why does Qualys favour revealing/presenting the Darwin version number for Mac OS X and not gain access to the likes of 10.12.x or 10.13.x It's confusing my customers who we present the data to Thanks, Tony
    last modified by Chalky_White
  • Asset Search For Multiple DNS Names

    Hi all,   Please let me know whether there is any way to do asset search for multiple DNS names together like its possible for multiple IPs.   Thanks in advance.
    Honey Johny
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  • Regex Value to match Unknown-Unauthenticated Windows Devices

    I'm trying to create a tag to match the following Windows Unknown (Unauthenticated) devices:   Windows 2008 R2 / Windows 7 behind NetScaler Windows Vista / Windows 2008 / Windows 7 / Windows 2012 Windows 2003 / ...
    Wade Alexandro
    last modified by Wade Alexandro
  • Qualys Monitoring/Alerting in AWS

    Hello,   I am assisting with implementing Qualys and I am looking for some feedback about how to execute a couple of activities.   I am looking to enforce the Qualys Cloud Agent installation if a provision...
    Chris Hughes
    last modified by Chris Hughes
  • Qualys Feeding bigfix

    Good Day,    I am wondering if anyone has solved for mapping if you will Microsoft related QID's to bigfix fixlets.  We are looking to improve upon our existing processes and being able to create a map...
    Kevin Ryan
    last modified by Kevin Ryan
  • Mass creation of Widgets in Assetview ?

    Good Day,    We have a use case that requires us to create a large amount of widgets on a monthly basis.  Each widget is basically the same however the QID in the query changes.    Anyone ha...
    Kevin Ryan
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  • AI not showing any data in dashboard

    We have AI and when I open it all the dashboards/widgets are blank, I added tags (we are already using in AV) and selected everything and tried every dropdown there is but nothing, anyone else have the issue?
    De Witt Tromp
    created by De Witt Tromp
  • AssetView Widget bug

    Can someone test the below scenario and let me know if this is a bug or if I am doing something wrong please? Here is the issue I have. I have the below widget setup. The widget uses the below configuration. So f...
    last modified by ds0101
  • Tagging Use Cases - TAG ALL THE THINGS!

    Good afternoon Qualys Community!   I was in a recent training class and came up with a few interesting tagging use cases and thought to myself, "Gee, I couldn't have been the first and only person to come up wit...
    Colton Pepper
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  • Remove assets from AV

    Hi,   We have started to use AV and we have an old virtual scanner in EC2 where asset view pulled data which is more than a year old. I just want to remove those assets, they are not in any asset group of our VM...
    last modified by ahorvath
  • Groovy tagging for assigning tags

    I have a situation where a customer wants to do the following:   1. Manually tag their "Critical" assets. There are 200 or less assets that fit this description and the list would be static once defined. 2. Pro...
    Steve Smith
    last modified by Steve Smith
  • How to perform a negate regex in Asset Search

    I found this useful for when one wants to tag hosts that do not contain "Windows".   Where: Asset module --> Tags --> Create Tag --> Tag Rule --> Rule Engine = Operating System Regular Expression --&...
    Parag Baxi2
    last modified by Parag Baxi2