• Asset Tags: Are You Getting The Best Value?

    IntroductionWhen you take a moment to reflect on your Qualys account, what goes through your head? Do you think about whether or not you're getting the best use out of the features you've paid for? From time to time, ...
    Colton Pepper
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  • Qualys App for ServiceNow CMDB Documentation (aka CMDB Sync)

    About Qualys CMDB Sync Qualys CMDB Sync, formerly the Qualys App for ServiceNow CMDB, synchronizes Qualys IT asset discovery and classification with the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB) system. The ...
    Jeff Leggett
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  • AssetView Dashboards Continued - SLAs and Management Information

    Prioritising activity and management reporting are common concerns for large and small businesses alike.  With Qualys Threat Protection integrated into your dashboards and in Search Lists for your reporting templ...
    Ian Glennon
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  • Asset tagging regular expression library (regex)

    Updated 3/23/15 Fixed Windows 2000 Tags (both Server and Workstation) - Thanks Boyd! Updated 1/6/15 adding Windows 8 Tag per request Updated 8/19/14 with new more comprehensive Windows RegEx Strings!   This ...
    Parag Baxi
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  • Verification Scan Asset Tag

    Following Groovy script (provided by Qualys support) can be used to create a Asset Tag which meets the following criterias: Active, New or Re-opened Confirmed vulnerabilities Found within the last 90 days Severity ...
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  • Visualizing WannaCry and Shadow Brokers: How to Configure Dashboards in AssetView

    To assess infections from WannaCry ransomware and threat exposure from the Shadow Brokers vulnerabilities across an entire IT environment, it's helpful to visualize via dynamic dashboards. Here is how to create a...
    Leif Kremkow
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  • Extract Machine Readable Manufacturer and Model Information of Your Assets

    In order to update your asset inventory, you'd like to have a list of your assets as per Qualys, and also retrieve assets' manufacturer, model, and the installed software. Preferably in a programmatic f...
    Leif Kremkow
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  • Qualys AssetView Video Series

    The AssetView Video Series walks you through how to search for information in seconds on any IT asset in your organization.     Overview (3 mins) How to organize your assets and continuously track their se...
    Robert Dell'Immagine
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  • AssetView Dashboards

    I have been putting together some dashboards to highlight the ways data can be sliced and diced for different audiences and I'm documenting my work here so others can replicate it and/or offer suggestions.  As I ...
    Ian Glennon
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  • Asset Tag Structure and Hierarchy Guide

    Asset Tag Structure and Hierarchy Guide   1. tagging Structure   The general idea is to have a High-Level structure defined by 3 things: Location, Technology, and Exclusion.   Location  ...
    Davis Dolezal
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  • Asset Tagging Accuracy Guide (Part 5 - Asset Tags)

    5. Tagging Accuracy Checking regex rule accuracy 1. Attempt to download the list of operating systems located under Asset Tab but I've often found this method --> clicking the gear dropdown and selecting the "D...
    Davis Dolezal
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